WATCHER Bonus Chapter

March 31, 2020

**Please be warned, this post contains SPOILERS! Continue at your own risk**

For those of you who may have read an earlier version of Watcher before it was re-released March 31, 2020, this is for you! The story of Watcher remains the same, though some edits and 'cleaning up' has happened, but there was one addition to the story. I added one more Kenzie chapter which is smack dab in the middle of the story when Sawyer has been taken into Sub-9 and is being tortured for information. This chapter, from Kenzies perspective, gives the reader a sense of what he is going to as well as some hints towards future chapters. I wanted to share this for anyone who maybe doesn't want to purchase Watcher a second time, but wanted to know what happened! Here it is:


Chapter 29


He’d been trained for longer than he could remember not to feel. Emotions only made you weak, he’d been told. But the brief time away from the control of others had brought new clarity to everything, and he was beginning to wonder who was right in all this? He still felt them, those feelings he’d been forbidden to let in had disappeared nearly the second he stepped foot into Sub 9, but there was still a flicker of them when she was nearby—as if awoken just by her presence.

     Kenzie had been told what they were doing would save humanity; it would give them a new life, a new purpose. He’d never thought to ask what that meant for him.

     Doing what he’d done to Sawyer was wrong, it felt wrong, and he couldn’t help but feel he’d been made to believe a lie. He still remembered the feel of her skin and the taste of her lips, but that feeling was being overtaken by the control and orders he’d been given. Still, when he saw her, when his hand touched her—even to inflict pain—his stomach clenched with yearning. Not everything could be removed and replaced by Coleman’s control.

     “How much longer?” the man sitting behind the desk asked.

     Kenzie often forgot how much bigger he was than Coleman, though he had little strength against him. The room was empty outside of Kenzie and Coleman. The only sound was the soft tapping of Coleman’s foot as he waited impatiently for Kenzie to speak.

     “I’m not sure she knows anything, sir,” Kenzie said.

     “Then why am I wasting my time on her?”

     Kenzie swallowed, he’d briefly forgot that the only reason Sawyer was still alive was because she was deemed useful—for now. Coleman wanted to use her, not just for information, but if he suspected she would never comply, he’d get rid of her and find someone else. There were always more people he could use for whatever purposes he needed them for.

     “Her father believes he can get more out of her. Perhaps she’d do better if you allowed me to just speak to her.”

     He instantly regretted the suggestion. Coleman’s face grew cold, he narrowed his eyes, and clasped his hands together over the desk. Behind him, the wall of windows displayed Cytos under a crystal blue sky. It was rare to see no clouds. A soft breeze pushed the usual overhand of darkness away, leaving a quiet, peaceful-looking city.

     “You have gotten too close to the girl,” Coleman said. “You’ve done your job, played your part, but now you will either do as you’re told, or I will get someone else to.”

     Kenzie nodded, dropping his gaze to the floor.

     “One of the others has completed the transformation. I’d like you to ensure they’re ready to go. This will be a test to see if more can preform as we expected.”

     Kenzie nodded again, turning quickly on his heels and moving out of the office to the elevator at the back. He didn’t look back at Coleman before pressing the button to the seventh lower level of Sub 9 where he knew the prisoners were being held.

     The doors opened to a pristine white hallway, identical to every other hallway in Sub 9, but down below street level the halls were narrower and the rooms smaller. The Bots that guarded the prisoners down there were stationed along the corridor. Kenzie moved past them to the single door that a Carbon stood before.

     Kenzie pressed his hand to the panel on the wall and a door slid open. Inside was a man—no, a Carbon. A thick block of cement was before him, and the Carbon punched through it with his bare hands, not even flinching as his knuckles bled.

     The Carbon paused, turning to Kenzie. “Sir,” he said with a slight bow.

     “Tell me, Carbon, are you prepared to help our cause?” Kenzie asked. It was always the first thing he asked a new Carbon. Their directive was simple, obey whatever commands they were given, but these new advanced Carbons created from human hosts had trouble forgetting their past lives—some, anyways.

     “Yes, sir. I am,” the Carbon said.

     “Good,” Kenzie replied. “We will need you soon, Brent. Until then, keep training.”

     The former Watcher, Brent, nodded and turned back to the cement block. Kenzie’s stomach churned and a distant part of him wanted to stop what would soon happen, but he had his own plans in motion, and he couldn’t save them all.



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