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Want to join the AJ Eversley Street Team?

You may be wondering... what exactly is a street team? A street team is a group of avid readers who love an author or their book series and wants the world to know about it! 
As a member of the AJ Eversley Street Team, you will get the insider scoop on the upcoming series, a chance to read chapters early and even receive ARCS (Advance Reader Copies) just for sharing news on the series. I will typically share weekly or monthly emails with updates and "call to action" items such as "the new cover has been revealed, please share this post to all your friends!" and things like that. There is no financial commitment, just a little time that is hopefully fun and beneficial to you as a reader as you learn more about what goes on behind the scenes. 
As a bonus, I love running contests exclusive to my street team and will share deleted scenes, backstories that aren't in the books and NEW stuff I am working on with you all first! 
So...sound like your cup of tea? If so, then simply click on the link below to sign up! 
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